The Incredible Hulk #336 - The Hulk Vs X-Factor - 1987 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #336 - The Hulk Vs X-Factor - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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At Gamma Base, Clay Quartermain receives the S.H.I.E.L.D. council who express their displeasure with the way Quarterman has been handling the Hulk situation. Clay tries to explain that they managed to cure Rick Jones of his transformations into the Hulk. Still, the council feels that Bruce Banner has become too much of a liability and so they order Quartermain to eliminate him. Despite his orders, Clay Quartermain cannot bring himself to do it. Meanwhile in the town of Sparta, Illinois, the Hulk rages in an alleyway as he feels the daytime reversion back into the Bruce Banner. His last show of strength wrecks the structural integrity of one of the buildings. On person watching this transpire is Dick Tarrance, who lives in the apartment building next door. Watching as the Hulk changes into Bruce Banner, he thinks that he is witnessing a mutant. Recalling how X-Factor are hunting mutants, he figures there might be a quick buck to make by turning in this "mutant". As such, Terrance drags Banner into his meager apartment before the building collapses. With Banner knocked out from the transformation, Dick then places in a call to X-Factor.