The Incredible Hulk #328 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #328 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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After having hidden away Rick Jones, who now finds himself transforming into a Hulk as well, Bruce Banner begins making his way to Gamma Base to let everyone there know he is all right. However, despite the urgency, he stops in the middle of the desert to reflect on the situation at hand. In the sweltering sun he thinks about recent events and how he now feels responsible with Rick being saddled with the curse of the Hulk. Growing thirsty, Bruce stops at what he thinks is an oasis, but he discovers that it is merely a mirage. With the heat starting to get to him, Bruce makes his way back to his jeep and continues down the highway. As he continues to drive down the road, the heat makes it hard for him to think about anything and just barely sees elderly man sitting cross-legged in the middle of the road. Bruce is forced to swerve causing his jeep to tip over.

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