The Incredible Hulk #322 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #322 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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The savage Hulk is rampaging through the town of Jericho, and the She-Hulk's attempt to talk the man-monster down have failed. Now the combined east and west coast Avengers now must consider that the only way to stop the Hulk is to kill him. Meanwhile, at a nearby hospital, Bruce Banner raves about letting the Hulk die. The process that separated him from the Hulk was imprecise and now he is beginning to lose molecular cohesion. Dr. Fisher takes Betty Banner to his office to discuss their solutions and fears that the only way to save her husband's life is to merge him with the Hulk once more. He wonders if the Hulk has been suffering ill effects yet.