The Incredible Hulk #321 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #321 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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The savage Hulk is trashing the town of Jericho, New Mexico, using Doc Samson's body as a battering ram as he lays waste to the town. Not far away are the newly formed Hulkbusters who are still pulling themselves free from their ruined battle buggy. At the same time, reporter Dianne Bellamy is reporting the attack on live television. The locals of Jericho try to gather to defend their town, but when the Hulk and Doc Samson come crashing through their meeting place, they decide that the Hulk is too much for them to handle. The Hulkbusters wonder where Bruce Banner, the man who dropped them into the middle of this war, is in the middle of all this chaos. They are unaware that Banner recently collapsed while on a cruise with his wife Betty. Airlifted to shore and taken to an ambulance, Bruce tells his wife that no matter what happens, the Hulk must die. Suspecting that this is no ordinary illness, he also tells her to get him to Doctor Fisher as soon as possible.