The Incredible Hulk #110 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part V - 2007 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Incredible Hulk #110 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part V - 2007 - Marvel Comic

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Across from Madison Square Garden, the Angel, Hercules, and Namora wait to see if Amadeus Cho can talk the Hulk out of forcing Earth's heroes to fight to the death. Angel wonders if they had chosen the wrong side in this battle, but Hercules and Namora are convinced that Amadeus is brave enough to accomplish his goals.

Meanwhile, Amadeus Cho has managed to sneak into the Gardens and find where the hulk has been keeping the captured heroes prisoner. However, the Hulk has found him and is not impressed with the fact that Cho has been speaking with his prisoners. Reed Richards warns Amadeus to run, however the boy refuses to leave as he is sure the Hulk won't kill him. When the Hulk tosses his massive sword at the boy, it pins him to the wall, sliding harmlessly between his torso and his arm, proving Cho's point that the Hulk doesn't kill. But, when the Hulk tries to slam his fist into the wall, Amadeus is pulled to safety by Scorpion. However, the impact causes the ground beneath them to collapse, sending the pair falling into the sewers.

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