The Incredible Hulk #109 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part IV - 2007 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #109 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part IV - 2007 - Marvel Comic

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This story takes place during the events of World War Hulk #3...

The tense stand-off between the Hulk and Amadeus Cho's Renegades continues. The Hulk tries to convince them that he is nothing more than a monster, but Hercules insists that he is wrong. He asks the people who have come with them to speak, and one of them tells the Hulk that they seek justice for the injustices caused to them by Earth's heroes. Although most are angry enough to condone the destruction of society, the Angel steps in and points out that they are all seeking justice, not wanton anarchy. However, the Hulk is tired of listening and warns them to stay away or they will all die. When they refuse to move, he slams his foot knocking them all out of the blast range of missiles that are being fired at him. These missiles strike the Hulk, hitting him with Adamantium shrapnel. This does nothing more than anger the Hulk and he leaps up at the helicopters that fired upon him. Amadeus Cho contacts the choppers and tells the pilots that they messed up their plan to talk the Hulk into stopping his rampage. The commander of this squad is none other than the Hulk's long time foe, General Thaddeus Ross.

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