The Incredible Hulk #108 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part III - 2007 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Incredible Hulk #108 - World War Hulk: Warbound Part III - 2007 - Marvel Comic

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This story takes place between World War Hulk #2 and 3...

During his initial onslaught on the city of New York, the Hulk has been confronted by Amadeus Cho and his group of Renegades which consists of Hercules, the Angel, and Namora. They and a group of normal people who support the Hulk have come to him to offer their aid, something that the Hulk was not expecting. As this tense moment unfolds, the situation is observed by Rick Jones, the Hulk's sidekick, and Miek, the Hulk's most ardent follower. Seeing how Cho envies the Hulk, the two are aware that the boy is unaware of the force of nature he is dealing with. While Miek waits for the boy to learn the hard way, Rick tries to rush down and get Amadeus out of harm's way. However, the Hulk stomps his foot on the ground before he can get there, sending every toppling to the ground. The shockwave from the blow reminds both Rick and Miek of their first encounters with the Hulk. For Rick, it was when Bruce Banner pushed him into the safety trench during the gamma bomb explosion that turned Banner into the Hulk. For Miek it was when he was knocked aside so the Hulk could battle the Red King on Sakaar. Although these two memories are vastly different, both recall how the Hulk had acted to save their lives.

This causes the two very different, yet very similar beings to think about their lives were vastly changed thanks to the Hulk...

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