The Flash #22 - Jason Fabok 3D Lenticular Cover - 2017 - DC Comic - FF

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The Flash #22 - Jason Fabok 3D Lenticular Cover - 2017 - DC Comic

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Following the destruction of the Flashpoint Timeline, an unknown person watches Reverse-Flash race through time to the source of the button's power with Batman and the Flash tailing him. As they race, this unheard person is shouting, trying desperately to get Barry's attention, hoping he can do for him what he did when he saved Wally West. All he needs is for Barry to listen to him. As he calls Barry from afar, Barry is trying to warn Thawne that whatever is at the end of the path will kill him. Because he is a living paradox, Thawne is undeterred by threat of death, citing other times that he has died to prove his point. He claims that there is no future or past save the one he chooses to establish. At that moment, a lightning bolt from the surrounding timestorm cuts Barry and Bruce off and allows Thawne to outrun them. Eobard brings up killing Nora Allen to change Barry's past, and stated that he will do even more when he harnesses the button's power source.

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