The Exploits Of Spider-Man #8 - 1993 - Marvel UK Comic - VG

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The Exploits Of Spider-Man #8 - 1993 - Marvel UK Comic

Very Good Condition

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The Exploits of Spider-Man replaced Marvel UK's previous Spider-Man title, The Complete Spider-Man, in October 1992. Unlike its predecessor, it didn't stick exclusively to reprinting Marvel USA's numerous Spider-Man series, but also included reprints of Motormouth and Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett's humour strip The Fantastic 400. With issue six it also began reprinting Spider-Man 2099; a few issues later, Motormouth was phased out as the reprints reached the point where the character's comic had ended. Exploits of Spider-Man ended with its fortieth issue, and was replaced in turn by Astonishing Spider-Man.

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