The Expanse #1 - Boom! Studios - Comic - 2020

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The Expanse #1 - Boom! Studios

Pre-Order - Released Dec 2020

Boom!'s The Expanse picks up right after the fourth season's finale, and will be an in-continuity story bridging to the upcoming fifth season.

"The longtime secretary-general of the United Nations Chrisjen Avasarala finds herself dealing with the outcome of the tumultuous elections for her position and far from Earth but not its politics," reads Boom!'s description. "When Bobbie Draper - a former Martian marine - brings Avasarala intel on an intergalactic black market weapons ring, Avasarala sees a chance to reclaim her political position through a clandestine operation. But as Draper digs deeper into this secret cabal, she soon realizes the threat they pose is far larger - and closer to home - than either of them ever imagined."

Boom!'s The Expanse limited series will be written by Corinna Bechko, co-writer of DC's graphic novel series Green Lantern: Earth One.