The Dragon (Dragon Magazine) #15 - Volume 3 No. 1 - 1978 - TSR Magazine - FF

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The Dragon (Dragon Magazine) #15 - Volume 3 No. 1 - 1978 - TSR Magazine

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Dragon magazine 15 was released in June 1978. It contained the following articles:

Dragon Magic - Benveniste gives variant rules for creating spell lists for dragons in the 1st-edition Dungeons & Dragons game.

Pits - This article contains random rules for creating traps.

Random Events Table for Settlements and/or Settled Areas - The article includes rules for randomly building specific events in different locations, such as plagues and blizzards.

Weather in the Wilderness - David Tillery has developed variant rules for adding weather into any 1st-edition Dungeons & Dragons game. The author gives detailed descriptions of the effects of rainfall and snow

Dragon is one of the two official magazines for source material for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game and associated products, along with Dungeon.The final printed issue was #359 in September 2007.Shortly after the last print issue shipped in mid-August 2007,Wizards of the Coast(part of Hasbro, Inc.), the publication's current copyright holder, relaunched Dragon as an online magazine, continuing on the numbering of the print edition. The last published issue was No. 430 in December 2013. A digital publication called Dragon+, which replaces the Dragon magazine, launched in 2015. It is created by Dialect in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, and its numbering system for issues started at No. 1.