The Brave and the Bold #28 Facsimile Edition - 06/12/2022 - DC Comic

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The Brave and the Bold #28 Facsimile Edition - 06/12/2022 - DC Comic


While swimming the Atlantic, Aquaman comes upon Peter the Puffer Fish who tells him about a strange alien menace. He witnessed a gigantic creature named Starro land in the sea and use its powers to transform three starfish into oversized monsters that resembled Starro itself. Aquaman decides to call an emergency meeting of the Justice League of America, and activates the communicator contained within his A-Belt.  Wonder Woman is the first to receive the signal, and cuts short her date with Steve Trevor to respond to the call. She pilots her invisible robot plane to the Justice League's cavern headquarters. Superman is the next to receive the signal, but he is too busy in outer space smashing meteors that threaten to enter Earth's atmosphere.

Likewise, Batman receives the distress call, but a crime wave in Gotham City prevents him from responding. Green Lantern is test flying a jet fighter, but sets it on autopilot, then flies off for the meeting. The Flash meanwhile, disrupts a powerful tornado, and then speeds away in response to the call. Fortunately, it is easy for detective John Jones to excuse himself, as the police chief tells him that he has earned himself some much needed vacation time. John hears the signal with his Martian hearing and flies off.  At Justice League headquarters, Aquaman tells the assembled team what he has learned of Starro.