The Brave and the Bold #139 - 1978 - DC Comic - VG

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The Brave and the Bold #139 - 1978 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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When Commissioner Gordon becomes target of a bounty hunter, Batman tries to protect him, but he is overpowered by the mysterious assailant. Batman is then assisted by Hawkman, who informs Batman that he bounty hunter who seeks to kill Gordon is a notorious alien called Vorgan.

Batman explains the strange situation to Gordon, who instantly remembers his first case in which he tracked down a criminal ring, but as he approached the criminal's lair, he was surprised by a mysterious light being, which he killed in self defense. Gordon realized that the man he killed was an alien when a spaceship emerged from behind the being and took off, away from Earth. To cover the evidence, Gordon buried the body of the alien and never talked about it, until this day, when the past has come to haunt him.

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