The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #28 - 1984 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #28 - 1984 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Some wear to front and back covers

After his arrest at the end of the Maximum Carnage massacre, Cletus Kasady has been strapped in a containment unit to prevent himself from cutting himself and allowing himself to become Carnage again. As he is being transported to the Vault, one of the personnel takes the opportunity to mock the serial killer thinking there is no way that Cletus could get free. However, Kasady proves him wrong when he is able to bite down on his lip, causing it to bleed. In a matter of moment, the blood turns into a brand new symbiote allowing him to break free from his bonds. The Guardsmen on board the transport attempt to contain Carnage, but he easily slaughters them all.

After killing the technician who was mocking him, Carnage attempts to escape. Unfortunately, the are a number of police officers as well as Spider-Man waiting for him outside. The wall-crawler is armed with a thermo-cannon which he has brought along just in case something like this happened. Unfortunately, before Spider-Man can use it, Carnage snares a number of the offers and threatens to kill them. When Spider-Man pauses to figure out what to do, Kasady destroys the thermal cannon, then kills the police officers. Angered by this senseless slaughter, Spider-Man throws a boulder at Carnage who appears to be seriously injured from the blow. Horrified by what he has done, Spider-Man rushes to Cletus' aid, falling into yet another trap...