The Amazing Spider-Man #59 - First Mary Jane Cover - 1968 - Marvel Comic - VG/FN

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Amazing Spider-Man #59 - First Mary Jane Cover - 1968 - Marvel Comic - VG/FN

Very Good Condition. Closer to FN if it were not for one small mark on the cover where a sticker has previously been peeled. Lucky it lands on the stamp mark and yellow background. There is also a very small pen marking at the top of the cover and all round very minor spine and edge marks (See Photo). Barring that, lovely copy, very clean pages, no fading. Higher grade copy.


'Spider-Man is on his way to go see his Aunt May in the hospital, when the police attempt to apprehend him, but he manages to get away. Finding out which room his Aunt May is in and switching back to his civilian guise, he goes and visits her. When the doctor reminds him that he's been a missing person for days, Peter goes to the police station to tell them what happened. There he explains that Spider-Man took him hostage while the hero was suffering from amnesia. When his memory returned, Peter was let go. This partially true explanation is accepted by Captain Stacey who reunites Peter with Gwen. Gwen is so happy to see him, that she kisses Peter on the lips, much to his surprise. The pair then meet up with the rest of their friends at the Coffee Bean..'