The Amazing Spider-Man #384 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Amazing Spider-Man #384 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

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A prisoner of the Jury, Spider-Man has been subdued and drugged to face a mock trial for his life. When one of the Jury tries to remove the wall-crawler's mask, Orwell Taylor orders him to stop. Since the members of Jury keep their identities secret, he will allow Spider-Man's secret identity maintained during the trial. When Spider-Man musters the strength to ask what he is being put on trial for, Taylor explains that he is being tried for creating one of the worst killers in history. When Spider-Man refuses to take the blame for such an accusation, Taylor asks the wall-crawler where his sense of responsibility is. This causes the web-slinger to think about how responsibility is exactly why he became Spider-Man to begin with. He thinks about the fateful day when Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider. Granted with spider-powers, Peter created the identity of Spider-Man to get into showbiz and cash in on his powers. One night he allowed a burglar to escape a television studio. This led to tragedy, as that same burglar went on to murder his Uncle Ben, something that Spider-Man only discovered when he tracked down and caught the killer. In this tragic moment, Peter Parker learned that with great power must come great responsibility. As he begins losing consciousness, Spider-Man begins muttering about responsibility. This angers Sentry, who accuses Spider-Man for the murder of his best friend, Hugh Taylor. Orwell calls a recess until Spider-Man is awake so he can hear the charges against him. As the Jury files out of the room, Ramshot pauses to think about the current situation.