The Amazing Spider-Man #382 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FF

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The Amazing Spider-Man #382 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Very Fine Condition

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Infected with a gamma virus, Doc Samson battled the Hulk until he was able to transfer the virus to the green goliath in Washington Square Park. Now Doc Samson and Spider-Man are attacked by a Hulk that has greatly increased strength and entirely consumed by his repressed anger. Completely outclassed, Spider-Man tries to contain the Hulk by emptying a massive amount of webbing on the brute. Both he and Samson agree that they need to lure the Hulk somewhere where innocent people won't get hurt. Spider-Man suggests that they lure Banner to the ruins of Empire State University. Spider-Man tells Samson to go and get the scientists who created the virus while he deals with the Hulk. Leonard doesn't like the idea of leaving Spider-Man alone against the Hulk but has no other choice. No sooner is Samson gone, does the Hulk break free from the webbing. Spider-Man easily dodges the Hulk's blows, goading the gamma-spawned monster to follow him.

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