The Amazing Spider-Man #379 - Maximum Carnage Part 7 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - GD

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The Amazing Spider-Man #379 - Maximum Carnage Part 7 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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Maximum Carnage continues from Web of Spider-Man #102...

Spider-Man has brought Venom, the Black Cat, and Cloak to the St. Estes Home For Boys in Brooklyn. He explains to the others that since this is where Cletus Kasady grew up, perhaps visiting this place can give them some ideas as to how to stop him. However, seeing the words "Carnage Rules" written on the walls in dried blood, Spider-Man discovers that this only brings back the memories of the first time he fought Carnage. The wall-crawler fears that with the addition of Shriek, the Spider-Doppelganger, and Demogoblin, Carnage may be unstoppable. The Black Cat also points out that somehow the madness is starting to affect the people of New York as well, making them become violent.

Venom suggests that although Carnage's symbiote has mutated, it may still have the same weaknesses that his does. He suggests that they get Reed Richard's sonic gun. The Black Cat thinks that this is a brilliant idea because symbiote is also vulnerable to fire, and they could also recruit the Human Torch. Spider-Man says this crisis has come at a bad time as both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are out of town. However, he believes that Firestar of the New Warriors might be a decen substitute. Accepting this idea, Cloak tells the others that he will seek her out and teleports away. Witnessing this, Spider-Man is confused, as he believes that Cloak could only teleport with the help of his former partner, Dagger, which would be impossible now since Dagger is apparently dead.