The Amazing Spider-Man #326 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Amazing Spider-Man #326 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Fine Condition

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Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane have moved into their new apartment and are throwing a housewarming party. As Peter opens up the gifts, Flash tries to follow the lead of his new activist girlfriend, Sambouka. While Mary Jane dances with Peter's old university friend Philip Chang, a number of the female party guests fawn over Harry Osborn's son Normie. Suddenly, some delivery men arrive to deliver flowers, and a number of high priced food, and an swan ice sculpture. Thinking that this was a gift from a modeling agency, Mary Jane is horrified when she reads the card that came with the gift. She runs to the room she shares with Peter in a hurry and her husband follows after her. Peter learns that the present came from Jonathan Caeser, Mary Jane's obsessed stalker. Peter asks to handle Caeser, but Mary Jane wants to deal with him her own way and tells him to give her a moment to compose herself before returning to the party.