The Amazing Spider-Man #299 - First Cameo Appearance Of Venom - 1987 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Amazing Spider-Man #299 - First Cameo Appearance Of Venom - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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Ever since he escaped a failed armed heist the night before, Spider-Man has been trying to track down the mercenary known as Chase. After crisscrossing the city for hours, Spider-Man picks up his spider-tracer signal coming from inside the trailer of a big rig and goes to investigate. His cover is almost blown when a kid in the car in front witnesses Spider-Man's arrival and tries to warn the driver. With the truck stuck in a traffic jam, he is spotted by a traffic officer. He tells Spider-Man to get off the truck or he will be arrested. When Spider-Man tries to explain that a dangerous supervillain might be inside, the driver calls his bluff, telling the officer that it is building supplies for Carlton Drake. Since Carlton Drake is a respected businessman the officer wants Spider-Man to provide proof.

Not wanting to rip the doors off for fear of innocents getting hurt in a potential crossfire, Spider-Man asks the officer will take his word for it. Having heard enough, the policeman tells Spider-Man to scram. Inside the trailer, Chance is being kept sedated by members of the Life Foundation. Watching as the truck to go into the Holland Tunnel, Spider-Man decides to give up for now since the truck could be heading anywhere once it reaches the New Jersey side.