The Amazing Spider-Man #294 - The Death Of Kraven The Hunter - 1987 - Marvel Comic - FF

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The Amazing Spider-Man #294 - The Death Of Kraven The Hunter - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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With the Vermin his prisoner in an electrified cage, Kraven the Hunter thinks about his mother's descent into madness. In his frenzied mind, he has come to believe his mother was stolen from him by the "spider" that has been haunting him his entire life. His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Spider-Man who is furious that his old foe buried him alive and usurped his life for two weeks. He strikes Kraven across the face, drawing blood, and his foe only smiles. When Spider-Man tells Kraven how much he is going to hurt Kraven, the villain holds his hands up and tells Spider-Man to strike freely, explaining that he has already won. Pulling off his replica Spider-Man costume, Kraven explains that since he "killed" Spider-Man he as now "become" his most persistent foes. As Kraven continues to strip nude, Spider-Man points out that he didn't actually die. Kraven understands this, saying he could have killed the wall-crawler if he wanted. Putting on his traditional Kraven garb. He then tells Spider-Man to follow him, assuring him that there are no traps waiting for him. The whole time this discussion is occurring, the Vermin tries to break out of his electrified cage, but to no avail.