The Amazing Spider-Man #293 - Kraven's Last Hunt Part 2 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Amazing Spider-Man #293 - Kraven's Last Hunt Part 2 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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Kraven the Hunter has succeeded in burying Spider-Man alive and stolen his identity. Standing before Spider-Man's grave, Kraven pulls off his mask and laughs maniacally in the pounding storm. Elsewhere, a woman tries to run for cover from the rain down an empty Manhattan street. She is frightened when a rat scurries past her causing her to slip and fall to the ground. As the woman tries to recover, a manhole cover opens up behind her and a hair covered hand reaches out from the sewers and pulls the woman in. Trapped in the sewers among the rats, the woman is approached by the rat-man known as Vermin, who intends to eat the woman. Meanwhile, Mary Jane Watson waits at the apartment she shares with her husband waiting for him to come home from his rounds as Spider-Man.Mary Jane can't help but worry that her husband might be dead when she spots a rat scurrying across the apartment. Revolted by the site of the vermin, Mary Jane beats it to death with a boot. Seeing the smashed corpse of the rodent disgusts Mary Jane who turns away from the grotesque site.