The Amazing Spider-Man #278 - First Appearance of Scourge - 1986 - Marvel Comic - FN

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The Amazing Spider-Man #278 - First Appearance of Scourge - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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The Scourge of the Underworld is dressing up like a security guard as he listens to radio reports about Flash Thompson being outed as the Hobgoblin, as well as his predecessor's recent slaughter of 18 super-villains. Scourge finishes his disguise by putting a mask over his face before looking over the most recent edition of the Daily Bugle, which has a front-page story on Flash Thompson's arrest. Also looking at this newspaper is Peter Parker, who is at the offices of the Daily Bugle. He is congratulated by rival photographer Lance Bannon for getting the front page photo of the Thompson arrest. However, Peter finds it hard to feel good about this photo considering his past history with Flash. That's when Betty Leeds tells Peter that Joe Robertson wants to see him. When he tries to give his sympathies to Betty over what happened to Flash, she snaps at him, figuring he is just another person who stabbed him in the back. Peter wonders why he feels the need to help Flash, considering the Hobgoblin has done nothing but try to kill him.

When Peter enters Joe's office he sees that Kate Cushing and Ned Leeds are also waiting for him there. Kate tells Peter that since he has a history with Flash Thompson they want him to interview him. Considering the alternative, the piece being written by the less than sympathetic Ned Leeds, Peter agrees to take the job. After Peter and Kate leave, Joe reminds Ned to keep his objectivity in light of his obvious animosity toward Thompson. When Joe asks him what the deal is, Ned tells his editor that until the issue affects his work, it's none of the editor-in-chief's business. As Ned storms out of the office, Joe wonders what happened to a previously level-headed individual like Ned Leeds.