The Amazing Spider-Man #271 - First Appearance Of Man-Slaughter - 1985 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Amazing Spider-Man #271 - First Appearance Of Man-Slaughter - 1985 - Marvel Comic

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Years ago, the wrestler known as Crusher Hogan was challenging people to last three minutes in the ring with him. One of these contestants was a young man with spider-like abilities. This youth managed to survive in the ring, and Crusher Hogan took him under his wing. Hogan trained the youth to make use of his agility and strength. He also helped create web-shooters and the costume for the young man who would later become the hero known as Spider-Man. Crusher Hogan taught the wall-crawler everything he knows, at least that's how Hogan tells it now. Times haven't been good to the former wrestler, now that he is a janitor at a gym. He spins his tale about Spider-Man to a young boxer named Bobby Chance, although the other men training at the gym think Hogan is a washed up fool, Bobby buys into the story. As they converse, the owner of the gym, a muscle-bound thug named Manslaughter Marsdale comes out of his office and orders Hogan to get back to work. Marsdale then approaches Chance and asks about rumors that the young man won't be renewing his contract with his gym. Manslaughter warns the boy not to cross him, using his strength and ball knuckles to smash a punching bag, warning Bobby that if he leaves, it could be hazardous to his health.