The Amazing Spider-Man #237 - Spider-Man VS Stilt-Man - 1982 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Amazing Spider-Man #237 - Spider-Man VS Stilt-Man - 1982 - Marvel Comic

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Reading over the newspaper, Wilbur Day laments that his career as the costumed criminal known as Stilt-Man has been an utter failure. He had hoped he would find fame and fortune when he stole the hydraulic stilts created by his employer Karl Klaxton to become Stilt-Man. However, instead, he was defeated at the hands of Daredevil. He recounts how a later encounter with Spider-Man led to the wall-crawlers defeat, but the Stilt-Man didn't stick around long enough to finish off the hero and was defeated once again by Daredevil.

He recalls how the computer known as FAUST constructed an even more powerful suit of armor for him, but he was easily defeated at the hands of the thunder god Thor. His most recent defeat happened when he Turk Barrett knocked him out and stole his Stilt-Man armor. With his ill-gotten funds dwindling and his inability to get work, Day needs a win that will bring him back into the game. Hearing a radio report about Spider-Man's recent activities, he decides that he will defeat Spider-Man to restore his tarnished reputation.