The Amazing Spider-Man #101 - First Appearance of Morbius - 1971 - Marvel Comic - VG

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The Amazing Spider-Man #101 - First Appearance of Morbius - 1971 - Marvel Comic - VG

Highly sought after key issue. Very good condition. Has a crease to the left of the middle and light to medium wear up the spine and around to the edges. Most notable the bottom right corner (See photos) Inside pages perfectly clean, very nice copy. Medium grade. UK priced. More photos available on request.

'Curt offers up his Southhampton home for Spider-Man's use, telling Spider-Man that the key is under the mat and that if he needs it there is a fully-equipped lab is in the basement. Peter hangs up and starts to pack. Knowing he can't take a cab or train in his condition he decides to web-swing to Connors' home.

Peter arrives and the scene shifts to a boat a mile down shore where a meeting is being held between some scared sailors, the meeting is led by 'Whitey', who tells them that Captain Bloom is dead. Whitey blames the guy in the hold because they've had nothing but bad luck and missing sailors since they found him stranded in the ocean, they go confront the man in the hold, though he is barely awake, he manages to hold them off and escape, leaving the crew to think that he jumped overboard.

Night falls, and the crew go to sleep. The man returns to the ship, but now his skin is pale white and he resembles a vampire...'