The A-Team: Murdock Action Figure - 1983 - Cannell - VG

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The A-Team: Murdock Action Figure - 1983 - Cannell

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H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock was the best chopper pilot, as well as flying fixed wing aircraft, of the Vietnam War who is either mentally unstable or exceptionally good at pretending to be so. Although he was their pilot on the Hanoi bank raid, he was not officially part of the A-Team and so not tried by the military. Though interned at a psychiatric hospital, he routinely escapes easily to accompany the A-Team on their missions & became Hannibal's second-in-command. The symptoms of his "insanity" varies from episode to episode, but generally includes self-identification with fictional characters, hallucinations, belief in the "intelligence" of inanimate objects, among others. He frequently refers to his invisible dog, "Billy." Unlike B.A., the initials "H.M." were never explained in terms of Murdock's actual name, and the nickname "Howlin' Mad" is simply attributed to him. He was permanently discharged from the hospital in the fifth season