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Terminator: The Enemy Within #1 - 1992 - Dark Horse Comic

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The Resistance terminator hybrid I825.M known as Dudley is fighting a losing battle against the resurgence of his Skynet terminator protocols while Mary struggles to eliminate potential Skynet progenitors in the past. An additional Resistance cell under the command of Captain Emmer follows Mary to the past after detecting the TDE still active in the future, successfully destroying the facility this time due to the sacrifice of Trooper Lynch. The 4 surviving members of second cell arrived in the L.A. Zoo Bengal tiger enclosure, and immediately set out to complete what they determined to be Mary's failed mission, the execution of Skynet's progenitors.

Dr. Ed Astin has been working with Mary and Dudley to relieve I825.M of any remaining influence by Skynet's hardwired implants. During the procedure he discovers a treasure trove of information contained within Dudley's components. His mercenary impulses take over and he Sabotages Dudley's treatment to create an opportunity to abscond with fully detailed technical specifications on Skynet and terminators, intending to sell the information to Dr. Hollister and secure his fortune in the present, regardless of the threat it poses to humanity in the future.