Terminator: Endgame #1-#3 Full Set - 1992 - Dark Horse Comics - FF

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Terminator: Endgame #1-#3 Full Set - 1992 - Dark Horse Comics

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This is the big one: the last of Dark Horse's Terminator series. And what a way to go! In this final three-issue series, Skynet sends a big brawling mother of a Terminator from the future to change the past. His goal: to prevent the birth of John Connor, even as Sarah goes into labor! The rebel alliance is reduced to Colonel Mary Randall, the one woman who might save the future -- but at what cost to the present? Written by James Robinson, this series ties up all the loose ends from previous Terminator storylines while bringing us to a slam-bang finish. Pencil artist Jackson Guice (Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD) and inker John Beatty join forces to create powerful interior art; British artist John Higgins (The Thing from Another World) supplies the cover painting.