Swamp Thing Annual #4 - First Appearance of The Grey & Matango - 1988 - DC Comic - GD

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Swamp Thing Annual #4 - First Appearance of The Grey & Matango - 1988 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Small stain mark front cover

Please See Photo Front Cover

In the Louisiana swamp, Swamp Thing relishes his quiet and comfortable life with his wife Abby, and decides to explore The Green. While there, he is suddenly attacked and dragged down by a strange grey region, somewhere in the danker depths of The Green. Unbidden, an outside voice demands that he go higher and higher, until the Swamp Thing is brought back to his physical body by his wife's urging. She noticed that he was shouting, and tried to bring him back, noting that he seems to be covered in some kind of mouldy residue.

In Gotham City, Batman investigates a bizarre murder wherein the body seems to be full of strange spores. The body breaks apart as though it is made of paper, and he takes what little remains of it to the city morgue to be autopsied. There, Commissioner Gordon enlists the help of Brenda, a coroner from another city. She determines that the fibres in his body are alive, and consumed all of his internals. She mentions that they seem to be infectious, and Batman realizes that he inhaled some of the spores, and may be affected.

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