Superman Volume 4 #16 - Multiplicity - 2017 - DC Comic - NM

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Superman Volume 4 #16 - Multiplicity - 2017 - DC Comic

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Superman is imprisoned and his powers siphoned by Prophecy, who is a giant. Prophecy is intrigued of Superman due to the fact he is an anomaly who is completely unknown in the "master lyst", but regardless taking away Superman's powers matters in his grand plan. In which he claims to Superman that he is absorbing the Supermen and Superwomen of the Multiverse in order to be strong enough to oppose a coming threat that will destroy his world and countless others. After finishing his spouting, Prophecy tossed Superman into a pit with the rest of the powerless Supermen and Superwomen where they are slated to be in their grave pit. But all the while the Ultima Thule, which was brought along to Prophecy's lair, is playing its music...

Writer - Peter Tomasi/Patrick Gleason

Penciler - Tony S Daniel/Clay Mann