Superman Giant #2 - Direct-Market Variant Cover - 2020 - DC Comic - FN

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Superman Giant #2 - Direct-Market Variant Cover - 2020 - DC Comic

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Superman Giant (Volume 2) was a Walmart-first DC series that was published from 2019 to 2020. The series featured one original story per issue, with the rest of each issue consisting of reprinted stories.

Lois tells Jimmy to take pictures of a heated protest against legalization of casinos before going to the municipal council meeting regarding the issue. Council President Andrew Davidson asks the public for their views and receives a great amount of opposition to the proposal. Clark butts in to ask about concerns of increase in organized crime due to gambling legalization, since Lois had been barred for questioning him about misuse of the city's funds, but Davidson dismisses the question.

While talking with Lois, Clark hears police chatter about a robbery at a jewellery store and goes away to stop it. Lois meanwhile tells Jimmy to question Davidson and tells him to get over his anxiety. As the robbers struggle to find enough jewellery worth paying back their debt, Superman arrives and notices they've never used a gun before since their firearms are unloaded. He subdues them both and returns the stolen jewellery before turning the two in. It is revealed that the Gambler expected this to happen and was betting on it.

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