Superman/Batman: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2003 - DC Comic - VG

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Superman/Batman: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2003 - DC Comic

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A terrorist named Abdullah Harish locks himself inside the penthouse suite of a hotel and begins making outrageous demands. President Luthor sends Major Force to handle the situation, while the Pentagon instructs Captain Atom to do the same. Superman likewise arrives at the scene. Captain Atom offers Superman a position to work alongside him for the government, but Superman refuses to work for President Luthor.

When Major Force arrives, Captain Atom and he get into a fight. Atom knows that Major Force will likely kill Harish and he would prefer to take him in alive.

Batman arrives on the scene and sneaks into the hotel to handle the terrorist while the other three battle one another. He manages to capture Harish, and Superman extracts both of them from the building before it explodes. Batman tells Captain Atom that Luthor sent both agents to the scene knowing that Force and Atom would fight one another. The President was hoping that Harish would be killed in the midst of a "super-hero fight" giving the President plausible deniability for the terrorist's death.

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