Superman/Batman #15 - 2004 - DC Comic - GD

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Superman/Batman #15 - 2004 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Creased corners front cover

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Diana and Uncle Sam, continuing their quest to restore order to the world, find the corpse of Abin Sur. in his spaceship. Since Hal Jordan was killed years ago, he never retired the ring from Sur, and never became Green Lantern. Uncle Sam takes the ring, and puts it on. He begins charging it, using Sur's ring charger, and finds that he can use the ring's power. He and Diana leave, to recruit more heroes. They recruit Phantom Lady, who is now off the radar, working as a stripper in a nightclub. They find the Ray, now working as a coal miner, and recruit him as well. After recruiting Doll Man and the Human Bomb, the team sets out to find Superman and Batman.

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