Superman Annual Volume 4 DC Rebirth - 2017 - DC Comic - VG

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Superman Annual Volume 4 DC Rebirth - 2017 - DC Comic

Very Good

The plants in the Smith farm are suddenly withering and dying thanks to a sudden drought. Superman flies to the nearby river and finds it nearly dried up; until suddenly, Swamp Thing rises from the ground, screaming that Superman doesn't belong here. Attempting to solve the situation peacefully, Superman hears Swamp Thing's case. As an Earth elemental, Swamp Thing has detected a disturbance in the Green, related to the way Superman absorbs energy from the Sun. Superman assures Swamp Thing there is nothing to fear from him and places a hand on his chest, accidentally releasing blue energy that causes Swamp Thing to speak Kryptonian.

Writer - Peter Tomassi/Patrick Gleason

Penciler - Jorge Jimenez

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