Superman #665 - 2007 - DC Comic - VG

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Superman #665 - 2007 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Several year ago, Jimmy hawks papers out on the front stoop of the Daily Planet. Perry notices his persistence and buys a paper, admiring the boy's tenacity.

Clark, meanwhile, slips away to deal with goons with positron guns that he makes short work of, who threaten him with "The Ten," who they indicate will take revenge on him for stopping their attack. Lois scoops Clark, however, and Clark goes to Ma and Pa and they think he might find comfort in a friend who can know his secret and be a source of confidence.

Perry reassigns Clark away from The Ten for missing the story Lois scooped him on. They head through the building, and again run into Jimmy, who tells Perry that he helps out around the Daily Planet for extra cash. Perry tells Clark to look into Jimmy.

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