Star Trek: The Next Generation #53 - 1993 - DC Comic - VG

Star Trek
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Star Trek: The Next Generation #53 - 1993 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Q throws a wrinkle into Picard's holodeck adventure. Worf and Troi are reduced to the size of a dust mote and placed in the clothing of Kartakkan, the humanoid cannonball. Unless Picard, as Dixon Hill, solves the mystery, Troi and Worf will die in flames or on impact with water. Hill and Red question several suspects and Hill announces that he knows who the guilty party is. Riker begins searching for Worf and Troi. Data and Captain Louvois must travel through a radiation field to get to the legal conference. Their propulsion systems are thrown off-line by the radiation. Kartakkan readies himself for his flight through the jaws of death.