Spider-Man: Web Of Doom #2 - 1994 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Spider-Man: Web Of Doom #2 - 1994 - Marvel Comic

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In the jungles of Bolamoria, Mary Jane is part of a six-week shoot for a film titled "Amazon Annie vs the Mindless Zombies". This is not her most dignified role, but she took the job anyway since it will help her and her husband Peter Parker make their next mortgage payment on time. Meanwhile, in New York City, Spider-Man leaps across the city, too afraid to use his webbing after a man named Terry Burns died -- apparently of suffocation -- because of his webbing. He has decided to go to the police station where the evidence is being held, in the hopes of finding any trace remains of the webbing he used that night to confirm once and for all that this was caused the death of Terry Burns.

Inside, the captain is complaining about how gender roles in the police station have changed since he first started on the force. He hands the paperwork on the Spider-Man case to officer Lotano to deal with. He then makes a call he thought he would have to make with respect to the wall-crawler, the NYPD's Extreme Emergency Team. The phone is answered by Lieutenant Sylvia Grace, the leader of this special team. The Extreme Emergency Team includes Officers Motta, Munch, Adams, Fleming, and Stewart. Hearing about the situation with Spider-Man, Grace takes the job, assuring the captain that she will take Spider-Man alive. On the roof of the police station, Spider-Man looks through the skylight as a pair of officers go over the security tape that proves Spider-Man is a killer. The wall-crawler is too engrossed that he ignores his spider-sense until an officer spots him on the roof, forcing him to flee. As he travels across the city, New Yorkers react to Spider-Man either in fear or anger. Capitalizing on this negative press is television reporter Andrew Disanto does a vox pop report to get people's opinion on the wall-crawler. Overhearing the report from a window, Spider-Man loses his temper.

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