Spider-Man #607 - 1984 - Marvel UK Comic - FR

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Spider-Man #607 - 1984 - Marvel UK Comic

Fair Condition - Creased corner, stain front cover

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Spider-Man is web-slinging across the city when he spots a spider-signal being projected on the side of a city. Going to check it out he finds it was set up by two British men who represent a popular television show in the United Kingdom. They tell Spider-Man that he has a huge fan base in Britain and want him to appear on their show and offer to pay for his travel and expenses for a week visit. The wall-crawler tells the two men that he has to think it over and takes their business card. As Spider-Man swings away, he finds it almost unimaginable that he has fans anywhere and finds it a refreshing idea to the abuse he faces in New York City. However, the idea of being on television stirs up old memories of when he tried showbiz when he first got his spider-powers and how his arrogance led to his Uncle Ben being shot by a burglar he could have stopped days earlier.