Spider-Man #46 - 1994 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Spider-Man #46 - 1994 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Spine/edge wear

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Spider-Man is swinging across Manhattan to try and clear his mind. He is trying to come to terms with the fact that the people who have claimed to be his parents for months have turned out to be impostors created by the Chameleon. After bringing the Chameleon to justice, he discovered that this was all a scheme that was orchestrated by Harry Osborn. He once more thinks about how his enemies always come back, even his late friend, poor Harry. Now he tries to web-sling to take his mind off the mess that his life has become. Spider-Man is not the only person being introspective in the city this evening. Elsewhere, Demogoblin is perched atop a church thinking about how he has strayed from his original mission. Now that he is free from Carnage and his influence, the demonic creature can now return his attentions to tracking down his former host Jason Macendale, aka the Hobgoblin. As Demogoblin takes to the air, his presence triggers Spider-Man's spider-sense.