Spider-Man #34 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Spider-Man #34 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Heavy crease back cover, sticker front cover

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Spider-Man and the Punisher have tracked down the Master of Vengeance to his hideout. With the Punisher webbed to a wall, Spider-Man is at the mercy of the villain who blames the wall-crawler for ruining his life. However, Spider-Man manages to evade his blows. The Master of Vengeance is furious over the fact that the well-crawler cannot remember who he is. As Spider-Man avoids his blows, the Punisher explains that the Master of Vengeance is Dwight Faron, a chemist the wall-crawler busted for making illegal drugs for the mob until Spider-Man busted him. As Spider-Man battles his foe, he is blasted out of a window, taking their fight onto the streets below. Left alone, the Punisher manages to pull himself free from the wall he has been webbed onto thanks to the rotting plaster. He then grabs some acid off the table and using it to dissolve the webbing that still clings to him and the broken pieces of plaster.