Spider-Man 2099 #8 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Spider-Man 2099 #8 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

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Father Jennifer does her rounds among the pews of St. Patrick's Cathedral checking on her charges. Seeing the suffering of the people of Downtown endure, she prays for a sign that things will get better. Suddenly, Spider-Man comes crashing through a stained glass window battling the Vulture.

Elsewhere Downtown, Gabriel O'Hara patches up the wound on his girlfriend's forehead. Kasey Nash is unimpressed that he accidentally shot her, although she is incredibly lucky that the bullet only creased his brow. However, she becomes impressed with Gabe when he tells her that he took the gun off a member of the Fenris street gang. She quickly tells Gabriel how she briefly met his brother, Miguel, during her brief incarceration at the hands of Alchemax. That's when there is a knock at the door. It's the members of Kasey's gang, the Throwbacks. He tells Gabriel that they have a job to do, but since he was able to take the gun off a Fenris, he should be able to handle himself on this mission. Back at St. Peter's, Father Jennifer orders the two combatants to get out of her church. Hearing this, Spider-Man tells her that he is really trying. Deciding to indulge the priest, the Vulture goes back outside, telling Spider-Man to join him if he dares. When the reluctant hero follows after the Vulture, he sees that the rest of the Freakers are waiting for him. Trying to avoid going outside, the Vulture is forced to shove the Spider-Man outside. The hero falls into the mob below. He tries to get away but is pulled back down into the mob.

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