Spider-Man 2099 #16 - 1994 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Spider-Man 2099 #16 - 1994 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front/creased back cover

About the floating city called Valhalla, Miguel O'Hara and Dana D'Angelo are among those who witness the apparent return of Thor and Heimdal. The man claiming to be Thor is telling those gathered that they will protect them and hold back the tide of Ragnarok. However, this so-called thunder god's attentions are turned to more Earthly concerns when he notices Dana. He considers her a "comely wench" and says that she can stay while he orders the rest away. Miguel has a serious problem with this and also openly questions that these two men are really Thor and Heimdal.

Taking great offense to this, Thor tries to strike Miguel, but he catches the alleged thunder god's fist. Still, Thor is stronger than Miguel expects, and lifts Miguel off the ground and tosses him out of a nearby window. Dana is horrified by this, losing Thor's favor and she is told to leave with everyone else. However, Miguel is not as dead as everyone fears, thanks to his spider-powers. He manages to swing himself to the bottom of the floating city where he doffs his street clothing and changes into Spider-Man. At that moment, at Wellvale Home, Conchata O'Hara has sneaked out of her room and knocks out one of the doctors and steals his car.

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