Spider-Man 2099 #10 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Spider-Man 2099 #10 - 1993 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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After receiving an emergency call from their mother, Miguel and Gabriel visit Conchata at the Wellvale Home. There, with Miguel's fiancee Dana D'Angelo, they listen while Conchata says what Gabriel thinks are her dying words. However, Miguel knows that she is only faking and tells her to cut it out when she pretends to die, telling her that she is upsetting Dana. His cold attitude toward her is something she expected from her eldest son and walks out of the room. Gabriel tells his brother that he needs to talk to her, but Miguel doesn't want to since he reminds her of their father. Both Dana and Gabriel insist that they talk to her, and he gives in.

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