Spider-Island Daily Bugle #1 - 2011 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Spider-Island Daily Bugle #1 - 2011 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Sticker mark back cover

The Story: An inside look at all the things to come in Spider-Island! Get the scoop here! Established in a newspaper style format, The Daily Bugle goes into stories about recent sightings of Spider-Man, strange powers throughout the city, and random occurrences that all tie into this exciting event.
The premise seemed unique and interesting – the Jackal is back. As obsessed as ever with Spidey’s exceptional and exclusive genetic make-up, he has engineered bedbugs that have a contagious bite that spreads Spider-man’s powers. Now Manhattan is overrun with spider-powered amateurs and not all of them have Peter Parker’s spot-on sense of right and wrong. Chaos is breaking out everywhere as people begin to enjoy and take advantage of their new-found powers. Included in this list of spider-people are Peter’s relatively new girlfriend, Carlie, and Spider-man title regular, Randy Robertson.