Solo #1 - First Appearance of A.R.E.S - 1994 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Solo #1 - First Appearance of A.R.E.S - 1994 - Marvel Comic

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Origin of Solo; Solo tangles with a terrorist organization and runs into an old flame. After teleporting to the corporate headquarters of Welles Technologies in Midtown Manhattan, Solo was already locked in the middle of a firefight against members of a terrorist organization called A.R.E.S.. Meanwhile, in Welles' office, he was watched over by two terrorists, Raider and Burlson, who forced him to download the Omega Strike files. Somewhere else inside of the building, Solo was still fighting terrorists, one who launched a flare that blinded everyone in the room except for him due to his blast shield visor.

Back in Welles' office, the download was finished and the terrorists executed him, followed by Cygnus teleporting into the room to take the files from them. Suddenly, Solo appeared in front of them and he was surprised to see that Rowena was alive. However, the reunion was cut short when Rowena teleported away with the terrorists. After they teleported away, Solo was slow to notice a bomb that they had left behind and went off, destroying the building.