Simon Dark #1-#18 Full Set - 2007-2009 - DC Comics - VG

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Simon Dark #1-#18 Full Set - 2007-2009 - DC Comics

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Simon Dark is a fictional comic book character in the DC Comics universe, with an ongoing eponymous series beginning in October 2007 and ending in 2009.

While ostensibly set in Gotham City, the comic focused exclusively on Simon Dark and his narrative, with no cross-overs and only a few casual comments to indicate he and Batman were active in the same city.

When he initially appears, Simon Dark has amnesia. He exhibits some super-human abilities such as enhanced speed and agility, as well as extraordinary strength. He acts as a protector of a neighborhood called "the Village" in Gotham City; for its part the neighborhood is happy for their odd protector's presence.

As the comic progresses it is revealed that Simon Dark was created from the bodies of 20 boys by a desperate medical genius who turned to a dark cult for assistance. Simon, and several other characters in the comic, were created using science and magic but only Simon was created with a purpose; to stop the dark cult that created him.