Sensational Spider-Man #41 - One More Day Part 3 - 2007 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Sensational Spider-Man #41 - One More Day Part 3 - 2007 - Marvel Comic

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Confronted by a little girl who tries to convince Peter that his wanting to revive his aunt is a selfish thing to do, that is only to make him feel better without considering how his actions will effect others, Peter follows after the little girl but loses her. Ending up in a park, he meets a tubby guy reading a book, who tells him that the choices in his life led him to being a video game developer, becoming more introverted he came to enjoy the fantasy worlds he created in his games, envying the type of hero that Peter had become.

He also runs into an old man in a limo, who offers him a lift to find the girl. The man tells Peter about how he became wealthy at a young age, selling his inventions to show all those who tormented him in high school that he could succeed. Although, he finds that his life of wealth and fame has become a hollow victory because in spite of his high living he still feels that he would trade all of it for a girlfriend from high school who loved him for who he was instead of his belongings.

The old man drops off Peter and tells him that the girl he seeks is at the end of the alley. Peter finds a grown woman in red, who tells him that the people he had met, while trying to find the little girl were alternate reality versions of himself, that would exist today if he had followed different paths in life if he had never been bit by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers.