Secret Wars II #50 - 1986 - Marvel UK Comic - GD

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Secret Wars II #50 - 1986 - Marvel UK Comic

Good Condition - Corner Creasing

Reprint of the 1st story from
Avengers #260

This story takes place during the events of Secret Wars II #3 and continues from last issue ...

Following the Avenger's decision to side with the Skrulls in order to stop Nebula's bid to take over the universe, Firelord refuses to ally himself with a race that has shown so much aggression toward his Xandarian people. He returns to his home-world of Xandar to find it in ruins, tracking down its ruler Queen Adora, Firelord learns that it was attacked by Nebula's forces.

Elsewhere in space, the Avengers and Skrull commander Zedrao begin planning a strategy to stop Nebula's forces who now have full control of Thanos's old ship, Sanctuary II. They decide to try diplomacy first and teleport a communications tube in the general area of Sanctuary II and it is promptly brought to Nebula. She views it and finds a message from Zedrao and Captain Marvel asking for Nebula and her minions to surrender. Nebula angrily blasts the communications device and orders her warriors to prepare for immediate battle. Sure enough, the Skrull battalion arrives with the Avengers aid begins giving Nebula's forces a good pounding. Nebula is hard pressed to use Sanctuary II's devastating weapons as she would need to drop the ships shields, leaving it vulnerable to penetration by Captain Marvel's energy form.

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