Sandman: Mystery Theatre #4 - 1993 - DC/Vertigo Comic - VG

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Sandman: Mystery Theatre #4 - 1993 - DC/Vertigo Comic

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"I am the Sandman. And none can escape my dark dreams".

 The Sandman

Lieutenant Burke and a team of detectives arrive at the Goldman residence. Celia Goldman is missing, an apparent victim of the Tarantula. Although Albert is visibly distraught by the news, Miriam acts catty in his presence. Roger loses his nerve and makes an outburst before storming out of the room. From outside, the Sandman climbs upon a trellis and spies on the entire meeting.

That evening, Burke and his men get a bead on the Sandman's whereabouts. They engage in a high-speed chase with him down the highway, but the Sandman eludes capture. He detaches the fender of his car, which contains an interior row of barbed spikes. Burke's car runs over the spikes and skids into another car.

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